Top 10 Ways to Look After Your Skin at Home, During the Lockdown

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1:- As any famous dermatologist in Mumbai would tell you, the first step that you need to take to care for your skin at the time of this Coronavirus lockdown is doing some form of physical exercise every day. It will help your skin glow. When you do not take part in physical activities it affects your metabolism. This has a bad effect on your skin as well.

2:- Staying away from processed food

It is common knowledge that processed food is bad for your skin. At a time like this when you are not physically as active as you were before the lockdown, it can affect both your skin and body in a bad way. 

Therefore, you need to cut down on such foods. 

3:- Using natural ingredients for skincare

This is something that your skin specialist doctor in Mumbai would advise you as well. At a time, such as this, it would be better for you if you use natural products and ingredients for your skin rather than the cosmetic products made from artificial ingredients. Vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, potato, and tomato are good for your skin.

4:- Getting rid of dead skin

There are plenty of ingredients that you can use to get rid of dead skin from your whole body, rather than only the face. 

These can improve your blood circulation as well. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right ingredients with regards to your skin type. Otherwise, you may have to look for skin treatment in Mumbai.

5:- Deal with acne 

If you have oily skin that is prone to acne you must be careful during these summers. You need to get your skincare regime right. Try and buy a face wash based on salicylic acid and use it 2 to 3 times a day. 

6:- Do not use scrubs if you already suffer from acne       

As any famous dermatologist in Mumbai would tell you, you must not use scrubs if you are already suffering from acne. This will cause such painful acne to burst thus contributing to scarring and pigmentation. It would lead to more pimples on the affected areas as well.

7:- Take care of your dry skin

If you are old and your skin is dry because of your age you can always use a scrub. In this case, you can tweak things a little by using milk or honey rather than curd.

Your skin specialist doctor in Mumbai would suggest that you use a moisturizer such as Aloe Vera gel that goes deep into your skin and moisturizes it.

8:- Taking care of hair at home

Quite often during summers, your hair may be in a bad condition and this is normally because of the sweat and heat that are so common at this time of the year. The best thing that you can do here is shampoo your scalp first followed by conditioning the hair.

9:- Follow some basic dietary tips

Diet is an important part of skin treatment in Mumbai especially at a time like this.

For example, you should eat a couple of seasonal and local fruits between your meals every day. You should have a salad full of veggies and fruits in different colors every day before your dinner and lunch.

10:- Pampering the skin

This particular lockdown presents many people – especially celebrities and working women from upper and middle classes, in general – a great time to give their skin some rest from all the artificial products they have been using for so long. Stop doing makeup and go for the bare face no-makeup look. Let your skin breathe free. 

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