What is a Female Hair Transplant?

While the incidence of hair loss in women is smaller when compared with men, the implications can be much more devastating.

Societal expectations make a balding head a true source of pain and embarrassment for women, more so than men. With a female hair transplant, Mumbai women can relieve the distress and shame related to hair loss.

Dr Malay Mehta is a skilled female hair transplant expert who offers a range of treatment options that can improve quality of life and boost one’s confidence. The remarkable advances in hair transplant procedures can combat the diffusive thinning that women may experience in. Read on to learn more about Dr Mehta can help today.

A successful hair transplant procedure for women is similar to that of men, with a range of techniques available and selected based on the type of hair loss you may be affected by.

An experienced and expert hair transplant surgeon like Dr Mehta is required as the male and female process differs slightly, requiring a high level of experience and skill to perfect. Women do not have a permanent donor region as hair loss appears in a diffusing manner. As a result, female hair transplant surgeons must have exceptional precision.

The range of hair transplant procedure options offered by Dr Mehta include:

Combination Hair Transplant in Mumbai for women

The combination hair transplant for ladies combines two methods known as FUT and FUE. The process involves harvesting the donor material from the occipital area using a strip excision and extraction of individual hair follicles. In some cases, alternative body zones may be used as well.

This is then combined with the less invasive FUE extraction method to increase and achieve the maximum number of grafts for natural results.

female hair transplant cost in Mumbai

Female FUE Hair Transplant in Mumbai

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is considered one of the most popular hair transplant procedures for women. Offered globally the FUE procedure involves Dr Mehta taking hair follicles from one area of the scalp and implanting them into the area in need of hair.

The FUE transplant for women will thicken areas that are thinning to create a natural look with hair regrowth that will restore your confidence and comfort levels.

How Long Does a Female
Hair Follicles Transplant Take?

Each procedure differs greatly as every woman in Mumbai had different needs. Some will require more hair follicles to be transplanted than others and the extent of you hair loss will determine this and the procedure duration.

A quick examination at our hair transplant clinic will help understand the depth of your requirements, at which point we will offer an exact timeline for you.

A ladie’s hair transplant surgeon like Dr Mehta is highly experienced and can help those suffering hair loss to recover their original hairstyle. Along with the ability to regrow hair, these procedures can help you do away with pattern hair loss and do more with your existing hair.

This offers a multitude of benefits for female hair, such as:

  • The restoration of natural and healthy hair
  • An ability to grow longer hair that can be styled in any manner
  • No more distress caused by hair loss
  • A boost in confidence thanks to a renewed physical appearance
hair transplant cost for female in Mumbai
female hair transplant cost Mumbai

The Benefits of Female Hair Transplantation

Once the trigger for telogen effluvium has been addressed and resolved, hair usually beings to grow back on its own. Telogen effluvium regrowth occurs typically within 3-6 months of the trigger, and most people make a full recovery. In the cases where hair does not grow back to its pre-trigger thickness, this can be a case of chronic telogen effluvium, and Dr. Mehta can offer a number of treatment options to improve telogen effluvium regrowth Mumbai. 

What is the Cost of Female
Hair Transplant Surgery in Mumbai?

Female hair transplants can vary in complexity, and as such, the price requirements can differ from one patient to the next. Dr Mehta has competitively priced his services, including the FUE hair transplant technique to ensure it is accessible for all women in Mumbai.

After a quick examination to determine the rate of hair fall and best hair transplant for you, a full, no-obligation quote will be provided to you.

How Dr. Mehta Can Help With Female Hair Transplantation

As a sought-after expert in the Female FUE hair transplant technique and other hair loss treatment options, Dr Malay Mehta is well-positioned to help rectify your hair fall. With years of experience, his skillset is tailored to a range of hair transplant technique options.

He has helped many women in men in Mumbai to enjoy a natural look and renewed hair growth at his state-of-the-art clinic, using a range of modern surgical technologies to help you enjoy a full head of hair that creates confidence. Contact our clinic today on +91 – 8758691345 or by emailing drmalaymehta@gmail.com to book your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have some more questions about hair transplants for women or hair fall treatment options, read our FAQ section below:

Yes, it is possible for women to benefit from transplanted hair procedures after they experience significant thinning or hair fall.

Yes! Dr Mehta has seen a lot of success from the various ladie’s hair transplant technique options that he offers. The FUE hair transplant is a particular method of follicular unit extraction that yields impressive results.

While natural hair fall will still occur with age, the hair treatments offered by Dr Mehta are considered to be permanent.

Male and female hair transplant techniques are quite similar, however women often experience a thinning of the hair, whereas males experience balding. The hair treatment for ladies is altered slightly to rectify the thinning issue.

Of course! The goal of the various hair transplant techniques offered by Dr Mehta is to restore a natural look and use of your hair, which will include haircuts to maintain your lovely new locks when necessary.

Wondering How Severe Is Your Hairloss

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