Why did my hair transplant fail?

There’s one thing worse than having to decide that you need hair transplantation surgery, and that’s for your initial hair transplant surgery to go wrong.

So, if you have had a previous hair transplant that did not do as good a job as you had hoped, then don’t worry. Dr Malay Mehta is one of the leading hair transplant surgeons in India. Staying up-to-date on the newest and most innovative techniques, Dr Malay Mehta of the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic is able to ensure that you, the patient, receives excellent hair transplant repair treatments using the best possible surgical techniques.

Unfortunately, all surgical procedures come with a varying degree of risk, and for hair transplantation, an unsatisfactory result can occur due to two main reasons:


Older techniques

The use of older hair transplantation techniques has fallen out of practice for the majority of surgeons who are practicing world-class methods, one of which being Dr Malay Mehta. Older techniques have been shown to cause increased scarring, show visible signs of hair loss as visible “plugs”, or have asymmetrical hairline appearances.


Poor Physician Skill

Although the majority of poor hair transplants come as a result of using older surgical techniques, some could say that poor physician skill is to blame. A surgeon who doesn’t utilize the extend of the donor area and place the follicles properly can be at blame, especially if your new hair starts growing in different directions.

Corrective transplant before and after images

Age of patient: 47

Grade of baldness: 6

Grafts: 4500

Previous type of surgery: FUE

Grafts implanted: Patient was informed about 4000 grafts in previous surgery

Challenge in revision surgery: Because of previous surgery, donor area is limited plus scarring of the area makes more difficult when it comes to graft harvesting (extraction)

Revision surgery grafts: 4230. We could successfully implant these many grafts.

Duration: Result is shown after 5 months of second surgery however final result is expected around 8-10 months

revision surgery before after

Challenge: You can see how badly the hairline was given at the same time density was also next to nil.

Procedure: We used 4600 grafts in surgery out of which 800 grafts were fro beard and we covered his grads 6 baldness. One can look even amount of damage done during first surgery , roughly 500-600 grafts were implanted and they might have damaged more than 2500 grafts. So that loss is irreversible. Choosing a right clinic is very important.

Results: We gave uniformly high density and you can appreciate difference in 7 days

Grade of baldness: 3

Age: 30

Challenge: straight and poorly done hairline. Scarring on front area Scarring on donor area also hampers the harvesting process, that’s because previous surgery was done in very poorly maintained clinic.

Result after 6 months post revision.

revision surgery before after

Challenge: Two failure surgeries FUT and FUE. We have done his 3 rd surgery. Donor area was good so we could go ahead and perform surgery

Grafts in 3rd surgery used : 4000

Grade of baldness: 4

Result after 1 year.

revision surgery before after

Age: 28

Grade of baldness: 5

Previous grafts implantation: approximately 1200

Grafts punched in last surgery: 3000  (means approximately 1800 grafts were damaged)

Solution: We implanted 5000 grafts.

Results shown in 7 days. Final result is expected to come around 8-10 months.

Complications of a failed hair transplant

Your initial hair transplant, although did not go as planned, may also cause a few limitations to the repair.

Growing Angle

If unprofessional work has been carried out that has caused asymmetry of the face and hairline, it may be difficult to restore a completely natural appearance. One common mistake seen amongst unprofessional hair transplants is the addition of multiple follicles into the hairline, which naturally only needs one. This can cause visible “plug” effects and leave a visibly unnatural hairline.

Additionally, hair follicles can be implanted wrongly which can lead to the growth of hair in different angles. In order to completely restore this error, Dr Mehta must remove the existing grafts and re-implant appropriately. Since this is part of the recipient, the initial site may have been completely compromised and will not accept the newly placed follicles.

Limited donor supply

Even the best surgeons such as Dr Malay Mehta may reach their limits in hair restoration surgery if there is no efficient donor follicle supply. If the scalp donor area has thinned out as a result of initial extraction, it may be difficult to perform a complete restoration. Other methods may mean the surgeon has to use donor areas from other areas of hair in your body, such as body hair.

A hair transplant repair surgery can be performed to fix unsatisfactory results and give you a more natural head of hair.

How we can correct your hair transplant

In order for Dr Malay Mehta to perform a revision or repair hair transplant surgery, he must first analyze your individual presenting problems.

If you have visible and obvious “pluggy” hair follicles, then Dr Mehta can remove the poorly implanted grafts, reduce their size, and re-implant them to create a more natural, subtle look. However, if your “plug” or patch is too obvious and is in need of additional follicles, Dr Malay Mehta can use specialized sapphire technology to carry out an FUE transplant for those extra hair follicles.

If you have experienced visible scarring from your previous hair transplant, Dr Mehta can use sapphire scalpels which perform minute and undetectable incisions to fix your scars.

Body hair transplant

A body hair transplant may be the final port-of-call for many surgeons attempting to fix a botched hair transplant. Body hair is often used to repair visible scars that have occurred due to the use of older techniques.

The primary areas used to extract donor hair follicles are from the beard or chest. This is primarily carried out on male patients for obvious reasons. However, body hair has significantly different genetic properties to the hair on the scalp, such as presenting as single follicles as opposed to grouped follicles as seen on the scalp.

As a result, this means that further follicles need to be extracted to achieve a complete result.

A hair transplant repair surgery can be performed to fix unsatisfactory results and give you a more natural head of hair.

What's the price of corrective
transplant surgery in Mumbai, India?

As discussed, a failed hair transplant can be completely restored through Dr Malay Mehta’s excellent surgical techniques. Pricing for correcting a failed hair transplant varies from patient to patient and usually depends on the number of grafts used and techniques required to correct your failed hair transplant.

Therefore, failed hair transplants in India can be corrected at the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic for a guaranteed cheaper price than any other hair transplant clinic. With grafting prices starting at just 7,000 INR per 1,000 grafts per month. Cost can be paid in monthly instalments for a duration of up to 8 months at 0% interest. Come visit us to find out the custom cost tailored to you.

Why Choose Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic

Having found his niche in hair transplantation surgery in Gujarat, Dr Mehta has made it his goal to explore various and innovative techniques all around the world to bring back to his local community.

After having received an MD in dermatology, and being accredited as a certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr Malay Mehta has continued to exceed all hair transplant expectations in India, eventually becoming one of the best in Mumbai. He has since founded and became chief dermatologist and managing director of the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic, where you can be sure that your hair transplants can be repaired as naturally as possible


If you have any more queries about a failed hair transplant in India, then be sure to check out the following.

Yes, your donor hair can grow back depending on the method of initial graft excision used, as well as how well you followed your after-care program.

If you do not follow the appropriate after-care given to you by your surgeon, then yes, you can ruin your hair transplant and damage the newly implanted hair follicles.

The costs of a hair restoration surgery depend on the patient. Many factors are taken into consideration such as the causes of your hair transplant failure and the availability of donor follicles. The price is then calculated to your presentations and your needs.

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