Bhushan Patil
Bhushan Patil
It was a great experience to opt Dr Malay Mehta's Aesthetic Clinic for many reasons. Consultation is free and detailed. Everything about the procedure and cost is well explained by assistants followed by detailed information by Dr Malay himself. No hidden charges or surplus amount is charged. The overall process is very transparent. And the best part about Dr Malay is he makes sure that the hairline is in sync with your face. Basically he tries to keep it natural. Aesthetic sense , precision and hygiene in this procedure is a crucial part and that is what probably sets him apart from all others. Coming to the actual procedure, the clinic is clean and the staff is friendly. They make sure that procedure remains painless and you're comfortable, it's a priority for them. All your doubts are cleared at any point of time so you can be stressfree.. Dr. Malay is always available for any pre/post procedure queries. Overall my experience at Dr. Mehta's clinic was great and it was a wise decision to opt this clinic for my hair transplant procedure. I am very happy with the results. It has almost been 6 months after procedure. Hairline looks good. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mehta.
Sainath Prabhu
Sainath Prabhu
Hello Everyone. Its been more than a year I had my hair transplant done from this clinic and I must say it has been one of the best decisions of my life. The results are amazing. Initially I was skeptical as I had crown balding and most of the doctors were not very positive about crown transplant but I must confess Dr Malay handled my case very efficiently and cleared most of my doubts which others could not. He gave me the confidence to go ahead with the surgery and so fars the results have been great. All the technicians are really polite and helpful and make the surgery procedure seem like a cakewalk . I will surely recommend Dr Malay for all hair related problems as he is one of the few doctors who is really passionate and has thorough understanding of his craft.
alen ram
alen ram
Dr Mehta, Dr Chervi and there team - Implanter Prarthesh and Akshay, Helpar Vishal Mishra, the reception staff Shanjana, and the whole team, were amazing, as they knew I was travelling from aboard they ensured my medication was ordered in advance an handed to me, the staff are very welcoming, Mr Malay vision on customer services is reflected in there staff. Can’t wait to see them in 6 months, definitely bringing chocolate
Prof. Mahesh Agrawal
Prof. Mahesh Agrawal
Highly safe and hair transplant by an expert of top most rank. Far better than many many famous clinics. Reasonable and logical. ***** OUT OF FIVE IN MY EXPERIENCE!
dheeraj pardesi
dheeraj pardesi
Great Dr and his team, I have had my HT done from another Dr, and the results were not good at all, After going with the procedure with Dr Malay the results are great infact he has done a correction surgery as well, Mine was a difficult case since I had weak donner area, But Dr suggested a beard transplant as well which resulted a decent outcome, (just 7 months as of now) So guys if you have had a surgery before or have a problem Donner area and especially if all hope is lost with other Dr's, then Dr Malay Mehta is the Man for you. he is young, skilled, passionate about his job and very practical,
Dattatreya Vyas
Dattatreya Vyas
The staff is highly professional blessed with a great leader in the form of Malay sir. Everything is as it should be. Extremely caring staff. Great post treatment support from the team. Would strongly recommend this team and Doctor Malay Mehta.
Govind Raj Ayyengar
Govind Raj Ayyengar
Hi, I have visited this clinic from Melbourne to get a minor hair transplantation on my crown area. I have been talking to Mamta (admin) and Dr Malay for more an year but couldn’t travel due to the COVID restrictions. I have finally made it here and got my procedure done. The entire team is professional and been very patient throughout my journey. Team refused to take any tips. Special thanks to Dr Malay, Mamta (admin), Dr Charvi, Prathamesh, Shashank, Aditya (technicians).
Kiel D'Silva
Kiel D'Silva
Dr Metha and his staff are really amazing, initially when I went to his clinic, he sat down he with and explained to me the entire procedure and cleared any doubts that I had in my mind. After speaking with Dr Metha I decided to go ahead with the procedure, which was done very smoothly, after 8 months I am very happy with the results and also it's very comforting that Dr Metha and his staff ask me to come for follow up sessions to make sure everything is alright.
shashank shetty
shashank shetty
Dr Malay mehta … Boy!!! he is the best in his business. Almost after 6 months of sniffing around for best hair transplant surgeons in mumbai based on reviews, follow ups and other factors i shortlisted him.During my first visit he thoroughly examined my head and told what needs to be done and he is polite, calm and friendly and he brought me into confidence and i was good to go for the transplant procedure. Transplant day (2 days) - 1st day - 2800 graft of hair follicle 2nd day - 2000 graft of hair follicle. Procedure - FUE saffire. Procedure was as smooth as i had imagined. His team is amazing and big thanks to all of them to support during the procedure stages . Dr Malay was present through out the procedure and the OT is very well maintained with proper housekeeing and hygiene being too notch. Post procedure is had some queries and doubt and dr malay is spontaneous on replying to all your queries on whatsaap when needed. In short to sum it all —- I have had a fantastic experience with Dr Malay and team and result is pretty evident and would highly highly recommend Marvel clinic for hair transplant procedure. Cheers 🥂

What is a Biofibre Hair Transplant?

With the Biofibre Hair Transplant, Mumbai men and women can solve their baldness issues safely and effectively.

This innovative procedure offers an immediate and long-lasting aesthetic result, especially when in the hands of Dr Metha. Safety and effective results are assured thanks to the Biofibre Hair Implant’s gentle approach. Read on to learn more about the process and whether or not it may be suitable for your situation.

The Biofibre Hair Transplant Mumbai residents have access to is an effective option for people dealing with severe hair fall. This synthetic hair transplant utilises a hair implant device that relocates artificial or synthetic hair (known as Biofibre) to the patient’s scalp one by one.

The implanting process is performed in such a way that it matches the pre-existing hair on the patient’s scalp for a natural result.

biofibre hair transplant in Mumbai

The Difference Between a Biofibre Hair Transplant and a Traditional Hair Implant

The implant of Biofibre Artificial Hair features the process of inserting synthetic hair into a mild anaesthetised scalp for hair thickening or to cover baldness. This is a simple, quick, outpatient procedure that implants a high quantity of hair in a short time. Small periodical re-implants may also be required to maintain the desired level of hair thickening.

When compared to Biofibre, other Hair Transplants (like FUE and FUT) consist of taking hair bulbs from other areas of the body and transplanting them to the thin hair or bald area. The Biofibre implant, however, is much less invasive.

The Advantages of a Biofibre Hair Implant

Synthetic (also known as Biofibre implants) hair looks very natural, helping to improve your appearance and confidence levels. The results are almost impossible to differentiate between natural hair, making the transplant less obvious.

The following benefits are also possible thanks to the Biofibre Hair Implant:

  • A good option for patients with limited or exhausted donor areas
  • You will see instant results, much quicker when compared with traditional hair transplants
  • You will be able to return to work on the same day as your procedure
  • A quick and painless process
  • The hair will not turn white or grey due to time and aging
biofibre hair transplant cost Mumbai

Who should get a synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai?

The best candidates for a synthetic hair transplant suit the following:

  • They have a donor area that is limited or exhausted, making it inappropriate for the hair transplant procedure
  • Instant results are required due to an important event
  • The patient is totally bald or has low hair density on the scalp
  • The skin or scalp is not sensitive
  • Poor results from a previous transplant have been experienced

What's the price of Biofibre
Hair Transplant in Mumbai?

With any hair implant, be it with artificial hair or that from a donor site, the cost of the procedure will depend on the requirements of the patient. As a result, it is best to first have a consultation of assessment with Dr Mehta, from which a clear path forward and exact price can be provided.

How does Dr Mehta help Biofibre Hair Transplant?

As one of the foremost hair implant and artificial hair experts in Mumbai, Dr Mehta has years of experience and has helped many men and women to once again enjoy a full head of hair.For those looking for an immediate aesthetic result, Dr Mehta has the knowledge, experience and equipment to deliver with the use of biocompatible artificial hair.

An expert of the scalp and hair regrowth, book an appointment with Dr Mehta, one of the most sought after artificial hair experts in Mumbai today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some more questions about artificial hair? Our helpful FAQ can be of help:

Your Biofibre hair will require the same care as natural hair, including regularly washing with shampoo and combing with a soft brush to thoroughly cleanse your scalp.

Biofibre Hair Implants are permanent, do not fall out, and grow normally, requiring haircuts just as natural hair does.

Clinical studies have shown that Biofibre Hair Implants are safe and well tolerated by patients. However, the technique requires good after-care, periodical check-ups and implant re-touches to ensure the best cosmetic result.

Thanks to the use of a local anaesthetic, the artificial hair transplant procedure can be relatively pain-free. All patients experience differing pain thresholds, by Dr Mehta takes the necessary steps to ensure a comfortable procedure.

Not only will you experience an immediate aesthetic result from artificial hair, the outcome is considered to be permanent. The patient may still experience natural hair fall as they age, but the thickness of hair should be maintained.

Wondering How Severe Is Your Hairloss

Take this quick quiz to find out if you need to worry about your hair loss.

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