What is a Biofibre Hair Transplant?

With the Biofibre Hair Transplant, Mumbai men and women can solve their baldness issues safely and effectively.

This innovative procedure offers an immediate and long-lasting aesthetic result, especially when in the hands of Dr Metha. Safety and effective results are assured thanks to the Biofibre Hair Implant’s gentle approach. Read on to learn more about the process and whether or not it may be suitable for your situation.

The Biofibre Hair Transplant Mumbai residents have access to is an effective option for people dealing with severe hair fall. This synthetic hair transplant utilises a hair implant device that relocates artificial or synthetic hair (known as Biofibre) to the patient’s scalp one by one.

The implanting process is performed in such a way that it matches the pre-existing hair on the patient’s scalp for a natural result.

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The Difference Between a Biofibre Hair Transplant and a Traditional Hair Implant

The implant of Biofibre Artificial Hair features the process of inserting synthetic hair into a mild anaesthetised scalp for hair thickening or to cover baldness. This is a simple, quick, outpatient procedure that implants a high quantity of hair in a short time. Small periodical re-implants may also be required to maintain the desired level of hair thickening.

When compared to Biofibre, other Hair Transplants (like FUE and FUT) consist of taking hair bulbs from other areas of the body and transplanting them to the thin hair or bald area. The Biofibre implant, however, is much less invasive.

The Advantages of a Biofibre Hair Implant

Synthetic (also known as Biofibre implants) hair looks very natural, helping to improve your appearance and confidence levels. The results are almost impossible to differentiate between natural hair, making the transplant less obvious.

The following benefits are also possible thanks to the Biofibre Hair Implant:

  • A good option for patients with limited or exhausted donor areas
  • You will see instant results, much quicker when compared with traditional hair transplants
  • You will be able to return to work on the same day as your procedure
  • A quick and painless process
  • The hair will not turn white or grey due to time and aging
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Who should get a synthetic hair transplant in Mumbai?

The best candidates for a synthetic hair transplant suit the following:

  • They have a donor area that is limited or exhausted, making it inappropriate for the hair transplant procedure
  • Instant results are required due to an important event
  • The patient is totally bald or has low hair density on the scalp
  • The skin or scalp is not sensitive
  • Poor results from a previous transplant have been experienced

What's the price of Biofibre
Hair Transplant in Mumbai?

With any hair implant, be it with artificial hair or that from a donor site, the cost of the procedure will depend on the requirements of the patient. As a result, it is best to first have a consultation of assessment with Dr Mehta, from which a clear path forward and exact price can be provided.

How does Dr Mehta help Biofibre Hair Transplant?

As one of the foremost hair implant and artificial hair experts in Mumbai, Dr Mehta has years of experience and has helped many men and women to once again enjoy a full head of hair.For those looking for an immediate aesthetic result, Dr Mehta has the knowledge, experience and equipment to deliver with the use of biocompatible artificial hair.

An expert of the scalp and hair regrowth, book an appointment with Dr Mehta, one of the most sought after artificial hair experts in Mumbai today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have some more questions about artificial hair? Our helpful FAQ can be of help:

Your Biofibre hair will require the same care as natural hair, including regularly washing with shampoo and combing with a soft brush to thoroughly cleanse your scalp.

Biofibre Hair Implants are permanent, do not fall out, and grow normally, requiring haircuts just as natural hair does.

Clinical studies have shown that Biofibre Hair Implants are safe and well tolerated by patients. However, the technique requires good after-care, periodical check-ups and implant re-touches to ensure the best cosmetic result.

Thanks to the use of a local anaesthetic, the artificial hair transplant procedure can be relatively pain-free. All patients experience differing pain thresholds, by Dr Mehta takes the necessary steps to ensure a comfortable procedure.

Not only will you experience an immediate aesthetic result from artificial hair, the outcome is considered to be permanent. The patient may still experience natural hair fall as they age, but the thickness of hair should be maintained.

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