What is androgenic alopecia?

Androgenic alopecia affects up to 50% of males over the age of 50.

This type of alopecia is genetic and is caused by an excessive response to androgens which leads to progressive hair loss.

Androgenic alopecia is also known as male pattern baldness and can significantly impact your confidence and quality of life. Fortunately, there are treatment options available for androgenetic alopecia.

If you suffer from male pattern baldness, you can get androgenic alopecia treatment in Mumbai at the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic. We offer a variety of hair loss treatments including hair transplant procedures, hair reconstruction and hair loss treatments for both men and women. Call us at +91-7045291747 or book a consultation online with our hair experts to get started on your androgenetic alopecia treatment.

In men, this type of alopecia is also referred to as male pattern baldness but this condition also affects women.

50% of men over 50 suffer from male pattern baldness which commonly manifests with thinning of the hair that begins at the temples and gradually leads to hair loss. The hairline recedes gradually to form the M shape characteristic of male pattern baldness. This condition progresses gradually over time and may eventually lead to complete baldness.

In women, this type of alopecia manifests with thinning of hair all over the head but it rarely leads to complete baldness.

Androgenetic Alopecia Treatment
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Androgenic Alopecia Treatment Mumbai

What causes androgenic alopecia?

Androgenetic alopecia is a form of hair loss that is caused by an excessive response to an androgen hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT attacks and damages hair follicles. This causes thinning of hair and gradually inhibits hair growth leading to baldness.

Androgenic alopecia hair loss in males

Since DHT is found in testosterone, men are naturally more susceptible to this type of alopecia.. Male pattern baldness is a genetic predisposition so it is more likely to occur in men where there is a family history of the males going bald.

When male pattern baldness occurs in men, it can start even before the age of 30 but it is more prevalent in men older than fifty. This condition starts with hair loss at the temples, then at the crown to form an M shape and may eventually lead to complete baldness.

Androgenic alopecia
loss of hair in females

Pattern hair loss can also occur in women but it is more prevalent in post-menopausal women. Unlike in men, this condition in women causes thinning of hair but it rarely causes complete loss of the hair.

Androgenic Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Androgenic Alopecia Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss can impact your self-esteem and interfere with your quality of life. Fortunately for people who suffer from premature hair loss in Mumbai, we offer a wide range of alopecia treatment options at Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic including:

QR678 treatmentĀ 

QR678 is a treatment in androgenic alopecia that was developed in India and has shown great efficacy in pattern hair loss treatment. This therapy helps to increase the density and thickness of follicles which stimulates hair growth in patients suffering from alopecia.

QR678 contains polypeptides that are naturally present in the scalp but decrease with hair fall. By replenishing these polypeptides, QR678 treatment helps to stimulate hair growth naturally.

Stem cell treatment

Stem cells are cells that can make new cells that the body may not be able to produce on its own. In androgenic alopecia, hair follicles get damaged and are not replaced which results in thinning of the hair and baldness. Stem cell treatment in alopecia can help reverse this by stimulation of the hair follicles and reproducing damaged cells in the scalp which helps to restore a healthy head of hair.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment

Platelet-rich plasma(PRP) injections are an effective androgenetic alopecia treatment. PRP treatment is a safe non-surgical procedure that utilizes the growth factors present in platelets to stimulate hair growth. PRP injections help to improve hair counts, the thickness and the strength of hair roots.

Surgical hair transplant

Hair transplant surgery is one of the most effective treatments of male pattern baldness and female pattern alopecia. This treatment involves the transfer of micro grafts of hair follicles from a donor part of the head to the part of the scalp that is.

Once hair follicles are transplanted into areas of the scalp with thinning of the hair or balding, they will start to regrow after 3 to 4 months. Most patients see significant improvement in hair growth and restoration by the sixth month.

At the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic, we use the best techniques in FUE hair transplant technology to deliver the best results. You can book a consultation to find out if you are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant.

What does Androgenic Alopecia
Treatment Cost in Mumbai

The cost of treatment for androgenic alopecia will depend on your condition and the specific treatment prescribed by the doctor. On average, you can expect to pay the following fees when you visit our clinic.

Consultation fees:

The cost of the treatment may vary and it will also depend on what type of treatment we recommend to you. You may require a combination of treatments and it will be best to contact us directly to get pricing information.

FUE Treatment:

For FUE hair transplant, costs start from 7,000 INR per 1,000 grafts per month. Payment plans can also be arranged once you come to the clinic for a consultation.

Why Choose Dr Malay Mehta to help with your Androgenetic Alopecia Treatment

Dr Malay Mehta is a hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai with experience from across the globe. He has used his vast experience to devise the best FUE hair transplant techniques to ensure that patients in Mumbai get the best expertise and treatment in hair transplant technology.

With his team of experts in hair restoration, Dr. Malay Mehta is passionate about helping people reclaim their confidence by ensuring they get their desired hair outcome.

To learn more, schedule a consultation, Call us at +91-7045291747 or book a consultation online with our hair experts to get started on your androgenetic alopecia treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn more about androgenetic alopecia and the treatment options
available in Mumbai from answers to frequently asked questions below.

Yes, hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia can be successfully regrown. Hair loss treatments such as hair transplants can effectively help you to regrow your hair in areas of the scalp where you have thinning or bald spots.

It is a progressive condition that gets worse gradually over time. However, with treatment the condition can be successfully reversed leading to restoration of the hair. When you visit a hair restoration expert, they will advise on the best course of treatment based on the condition of the hair and the scalp.

It cannot be cured naturally since it occurs when DHT damages the hair follicles leading to thinning and loss of the hair. However, there are treatment options available for people with male pattern baldness so it is important to visit a hair clinic to get a solution for restoration of the hair.

The best treatment for androgenic alopecia is hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants help to regrow hair in balding and thinning areas of the scalp by transferring healthy follicles from a donor site to the balding area. This leads to hair growth providing a permanent solution to the hair loss and thinning that lead to androgenic alopecia.

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