What Makes ARTAS The Best
Hair Treatment for Hair Loss?

A natural look with new hair in just one session? It is possible with the virtually pain-free ARTAS robotic hair transplant Mumbai men can access from Dr Mehta.

The ARTAS iX uses a 3D image to rebuild your hairline, temples and crown for complete hair restoration. The ARTAS iX robotic arm efficiently and strategically harvests and places more hairs per hour than any other method. Read on to learn more about how the ARTAS iX system can help boost your confidence today.

Thanks to its precision robotics and intelligent algorithm, the ARTAS iX performs intricate work delicately, efficiently and with true precision, all of which is unmatchable by the human hand.

The results of this are more hair, faster, via the most advanced hair restoration treatment in the world. As the fastest hair transplant system available, the ARTAS iX algorithms are able to select optimal locations for harvesting and the placement of grafts, resulting in a highly natural look in a short amount of time.

ARTAS Robot Vs Traditional Hair Transplantations

Hair transplant experts created the ARTAS iX System in an effort to eradicate human variables such as fatigue or any guesswork associated with the manual process of follicle harvesting and grafting.

As a result, the ARTAS iX does not require incisions, staples or stitches, unlike other hair transplant techniques. There are no visible scars, and you’ll experience natural-looking results in just four months.

artas robotic hair transplant

Am I Eligible For ARTAS?

There are several factors that should be considered to determine suitability for the ARTAS iX procedure. These can include how advanced your hair loss is, your hair type, facial structure, age, and goals for your restoration treatments.

The ARTAS iX procedure can be performed on just about anyone with black or brown hair that is relatively straight. We recommend that your hair loss has stabilised before treatments begin, but ultimately, Dr Mehta will determine during your assessment if the ARTAS iX procedure is right for you.

How to Prepare for ARTAS Hair Transplant in Mumbai?

We recommend a good breakfast and dressing for comfort on the day of your procedure. Your comfort is always our highest priority, and as you’ll be awake for the procedure, it’s best that you wear cosy clothing.

A local anaesthetic will be administered to the scalp to ensure your experience is pain-free, and Dr Mehta will be with you through the process, operating the ARTAS iX as he builds your new head of hair.

ARTAS Hair Transplant in Mumbai

How Does the ARTAS Procedure Work?

The ARTAS iX System uses a minimally invasive restoration technique with 3D imaging to allow precision robotics to harvest your healthy hair follicles, transplanting them to the areas of the scalp that may be thinning or balding.

The process avoids the need for stitches or visible scarring, creating a full head of hair quicker than any other method that is currently available.

What Can You Expect from the Recovery Process?

As this procedure is minimally invasive, avoiding the need for surgical incisions, staples or stitches, a quick recovery is expected. Regular activities can usually be resumed within 48 hours.

Key Benefits of ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure

If you are considering a hair transplant, there are many benefits of the ARTAS iX System:

  • Precision: The ARTAS iX identifies the best hair follicles for extraction, tracking them 60 times per second.
  • Accuracy: Micron-level targeting provides extreme accuracy during the process.
  • Consistency: The machine does not experience fatigue, meaning the thousandth graft is the same level of quality as the first.
  • Speed: On average, the ARTAS iX is twice as fast as the human hand.
  • Digital Mapping: The consistent distribution of harvest from the ARTAS iX reduces the risks of overharvesting, creating hair follicle grafts that are extremely consistent.

How Much Does ARTAS Robotic
Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai?

Each patient has very unique needs, which is why a consultation and assessment with Dr Mehta is a necessary step toward providing an accurate quotation.

Your hair growth patterns must be assessed to determine if this procedure is right for you and the full cost.

Does Dr Mehta help with ARTAS?

Dr Mehta is a skilled practitioner with a passion for hair treatments. His mission is to ensure his patients feel comfortable in their skin by crafting the perfect look for each one.

Dr Mehta has trully perfected the art of hair transplantation over the years, and believes it is an art form.  Although respectful of technological advancements such as ARTAS, and always implements the most advanced procedures, Dr Malay performs and recommends transplants by hand only insuring precision, superior quality and artistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some more questions about ARTAS technology? Our FAQ section can help:

No, thanks to the use of a local anaesthetic, this minimally invasive procedure should be mostly pain free. A number of the patients who have undergone this treatment have commented on its high comfort levels.

New hair growth will start within three months, with significant improvements (specifically in thickness) seen within six months. The complete results should be evident after 9-12 months as the follicles settle in their new locations.

Hair will grow and fall naturally post-hair restoration, and this hair is not susceptible to the conditions that caused your baldness initially. This makes the transplanted hair able to last a lifetime.

Yes, the 3D robotic cameras need the ability to assess each potential graft accurately, so the whole head must be shaved to approximately 1mm to ensure successful results.

There will be no visible scarring after ARTAS iX treatments, with the exception of tiny pinhole scars around the donor area, which will only be obvious if you have a shaved head.

We would recommend waiting at least ten days before wearing a hat to allow your transplanted grafts to take root without any interference. This can prevent damage to the hair grafts and ensure optimal results.

ARTAS Robotic restoration is much quicker than traditional hair transplant techniques; however, each case is different, and we suggest you allow several hours or up to a full day for the treatment.

Wondering How Severe Is Your Hairloss

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