• 15 February 2023
  • Dr Malay Mehta

PRP hair treatment in India has proven to be highly successful for hundreds of millions of people across the world. This revolutionary treatment offers an effective and affordable solution for many people so they can treat their thinning, receding or fragile hair.

Keep reading to learn all about the PRP hair treatment cost and success rate in India.

prp hair treatment success rate - Dr Malay Mehta

The platelet-rich plasma therapy helps to restore and repair the hair follicles to promote healthy and thick hair growth.

What is the PRP hair treatment success rate in India?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the PRP hair treatment success rate varies depending on the individual. However, in general, the success rate of PRP hair treatment in India is typically high. In fact, many global studies prove that PRP therapy is considered one of the most successful non-surgical hair loss treatment methods, with a success rate of 80-92 per cent in India.

This is because the procedure is typically very safe and effective. It is non-invasive and has been proven to help reduce hair loss and improve the appearance of hair texture. It increases the length of the growth phase, reduces hair fall and reverses thinning which helps to:

  • improve scalp coverage
  • boost natural hair regrowth
  • Increases the hair density

This simple, safe and highly successful method is also cost-effective, making it a popular choice in India to treat hair loss and baldness.

What can I do to ensure a great PRP hair treatment success rate?

There’s no doubt that a great PRP hair treatment success rate is essential for any salon or clinic. But how can you ensure that you achieve the best results possible? Here are a few tips to help get the best from your PRP therapy sessions:

  1. Make sure you have a full understanding of the PRP hair treatment process. This will help you to optimize the treatment and ensure that you have realistic expectations. (You can read more about PRP here.)
  2. Be prepared to undergo multiple PRP therapy sessions. Our experts recommend between six and eight sessions, at one-month intervals to get the most out of PRP hair treatment.
  3. Be patient. It can take up to two months for any noticeable growth from PRP hair treatment to manifest, so be patient and allow the process to take its natural course.
What can I do to ensure a great PRP hair treatment success rate - Dr Malay Mehta

PRP therapy for hair is a highly effective method to improve the health of the scalp and hair follicles for thick, healthy hair.

What is the cost of platelet-rich plasma therapy?

The cost of PRP hair treatment can vary depending on the clinic or salon that you visit, but on average it will cost between Rs4,500- Rs15,000 per session. You will find the cost of PRP hair therapy will also change depending on:

  • The level of experience of the dermatologist administering the treatment.
  • Quality of the equipment and tools used by the clinic.
  • The number of sessions you will require to optimally treat your hair fall, loss and baldness.

It is critical to choose a clinic with a good reputation and a qualified hair specialist, such as a dermatologist or trichologist. This ensures you will be treated in a sterile environment with expert care. The overall PRP therapy treatment cost in India is affordable, making it a leading method to treat thinning or balding hair, hair fall and loss, receding hairlines and frail, damaged hair.

What is the cost of platelet-rich plasma therapy - Dr Malay Mehta

Restore your confidence and a full head of hair with this non-surgical method to promote healthy hair regrowth.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an affordable and highly effective hair loss treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a natural and safe treatment for hair loss in India. It has been clinically proven to be very effective, and this means that it is an excellent option for people who are struggling with hair thinning or loss. It also helps to reverse hair loss and improve hair texture, as well as promote healthier hair growth. The best part is this revolutionary therapy is affordable for all people across India.

Are you ready to regrow your hair?

Contact the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic and find out the treatment cost in India and why PRP is such a popular choice.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there side effects from PRP hair treatment?

There are potential side effects from PRP hair treatment, but they are typically mild and most people experience no negative effects at all. The most common side effects include discomfort, bruising, and redness, but these typically disappear within a few days. Occasionally, some people may experience a temporary increase in hair growth or shedding, but this is usually minor and will go away after the treatment has ended.

What should I do if I experience any side effects from PRP hair treatment?

If you experience any side effects from PRP hair treatment, be sure to speak with your doctor or salon staff immediately. They will be able to advise you on the best course of action and help to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

How long is the PRP hair treatment?

The PRP hair treatment typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, but this can vary depending on the clinic or salon that you visit. You can return to work and your regular activities that same day, with no lengthy recovery period. It is recommended that you have six to eight sessions, spaced one month apart to optimise the results of your PRP therapy. You will notice visible results after three months.

Is it better to have platelet-rich plasma therapy or a hair transplant?

There is no definitive answer as to which is better – hair transplants or PRP hair treatment – as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it depends on your individual goals, preferences and level of hair loss. PRP therapy is non-invasive with no recovery time, whereas a hair transplant is a surgical procedure where you will need some time to recover. You can discuss these options with our friendly staff at Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic and our experts will help guide you toward the best choice for your individual needs and hair goals.

Is a PRP hair treatment a permanent solution for hair loss?

No, PRP therapy is not a permanent solution for hair loss, hair fall and baldness. You will need maintenance sessions every 6 to 12 months after your initial treatments.

Who should not have PRP hair treatment in India?

Whilst PRP hair loss treatment is considered a safe procedure suitable for most people, make sure you discuss any concerns with a hair loss specialist prior to undertaking any therapy. There are some conditions that preclude you from being able to have PRP therapy:

  • Heavy smokers
  • Platelet dysfunction syndromes
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Hypofibrinogenaemia
  • Sepsis or acute infections
  • Chronic liver disease
  • Cancer
  • If you are on blood thinning medication.
  • Pregnancy, lactating or breastfeeding.

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