Dr. Malay Mehta

Dr. Malay Mehta

MBBS, MD - Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy

Dr Malay Mehta, director of the Marvel Skin and Hair Clinic is passionate about face and body sculpting with soft tissue fillers and autologous fat graft. 

Special interest in hair transplant with a natural looking result, he makes sure that the entire procedure is done by him for the best possible outcome and client satisfaction.

Clinical dermatology had always been his forte, was representing his department ever since he was a junior resident at various national and international conferences!

Dermatologist in Vileparle, Mumbai | Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai

Are you looking for the specialist doctor for hair treatment in Mumbai? In that case, you should come to the Marvel Hair and Skin Clinic headed by Dr. Malay Mehta. It is the best hair treatment clinic in Mumbai. He is one of the most qualified professionals in this particular domain as is evident from his MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) and MD (Doctor of Medicine) degrees in dermatology, leprosy, and venereology. You can be sure that you would get the best hair loss treatment in Vile Parle, Bandra and Andheri from him. He is also extremely passionate about the work that he does concerning body and face sculpting. Dr. Malay Mehta is well known as the celebrity dermatologist as well as the best cosmetic dermatologist in mumbai.

Dr. Malay Mehta is very famous among his young patients as he is the most friendly child skin specialist. He has diagnosed and treated all his child patients with rashes, eczema, psoriasis, and many more of those kinds of children’s problems.This is the most important reason why Dr. Malay Mehta’s skin hospital is considered as the top hospital in Mumbai.

Dr. Mehta uses techniques such as autologous fat graft and soft tissue fillers to execute his various procedures. He has a special interest in hair transplant where you can get results that look the most natural. He always does every procedure by himself. This makes sure that you get the best results from the process and your clients are satisfied with you. The main area of strength for him has always been clinical dermatology. He has been doing this from the time he worked as a junior resident doctor at some of the top international and national conferences.

Hair transplant services

Dr. Mehta is the best when it comes to hair regrowth treatment in Mumbai. The process of hair transplantation can be defined as one whereby the hair that you have lost is replaced. This is a medical procedure that follows definite techniques. This helps cover up the bald patches in your hair as well as the uncovered areas of your head. Apart from hair, such kind of treatment can be done in other areas of your body as well. This includes areas such as eye temples, chest hair, pubic hair, facial hair, and chest hair, to name a few.

Face sculpting services

As the most famous skin dermatologist in Vile Parle East, This is also one service that you can expect at Dr. Mehta’s clinic. The art of facial sculpting is also referred to as facial contouring. It can be described as a kind of plastic surgery. It is a non-surgical procedure and has been highly successful over the years as well. It does so by doing away with the fatty deposits that are found under the skin. Such treatment is also inclusive of surgery where cartilages and bones are reshaped.

Laser treatment services

One of the major reasons why Dr. Mehta is such a famous dermatologist in Mumbai is because of the quality of laser treatment services that are available in his skin hospital. Over there you can choose from 4 main options such as laser hair removal, laser treatment for pigmentation, laser treatment for acne (pimple), and laser treatment for stretch marks. Get The complete skin lightening treatment by dermatologist, Dr.Malay Mehta at cost-effective price.

Body contouring services

At the Marvel Hair and Skin Clinic, you get great body contouring services as well. These services are a major reason why Dr. Mehta is regarded as the best dermatologist in Bandra. There are two major services that you can choose from over here – lipolysis injections and liposuction.

Clinical dermatology services

As has been said already, as the top skin specialist in Bandra West Dr. Mehta has always focused on clinical dermatology. He can deal extremely effectively with various problems such as the following:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Vitiligo
  • Fungal infection
  • Skin and wart tags
  • Bacterial infection

He can help you get the radiant skin that you have always wanted. It could be that you are facing several issues with your skin. In that case, you can always consult Dr. Mehta secure in the knowledge that he would be able to get rid of the same.

Skin Whitening treatments

This is one of the main services provided by Dr. Mehta, regarded by many as the top dermatologist in Lokhandwala. Normally, when it comes to such services there are plenty of myths and then there is reality. Every individual in the world wants to look as good as possible as she or he can throughout her or his life. However, this is not possible. It is just that some people stay younger longer than others. So, if you want to look young as well you should come to Dr. Mehta as soon as you can.

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“I went through hair transplant treatment 8 months ago. Previously I thought changing the look is a marketing gimmick and it would not help in building my confidence. But believe me, it did really happen. This treatment had immensely helped me in improving my professional career and also helped me in developing my confidence in interacting personally with people around me. I am very thankful to Dr. Malay Mehta as he has done a fantastic job. He is undoubtedly the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai. I highly recommend Dr. Malay Mehta. Thank you so much.”

Aayush parmar, Web designer


“I was suffering from pimples, pimples marks and scars since 5-6 months. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Malay Mehta. He was very calm and approachable doctor. He did listen to all my concerns and suggested me the appropriate treatment. Not only the medicines but he also suggested me laser treatment to remove scars almost completely. I can’t believe that my skin is looking as good as it was looking before. I didn’t expect that my marks would ever go. Thank you Dr. Malay Mehta.”

Kimberly, college student


“I was suffering from hair fall problem because of my stress and lifestyle. Before visiting Dr. Malay Mehta, I consulted many doctors regarding this issue but all that was in vain. Finally I consulted Dr. Malay Mehta and he explained me the reason for hair fall and also focused on importance of diet. He suggested me medicines along with PRP treatment. Initially my hair fall stopped but within just six months I started experiencing regrowth of my hairs. Now I am using hair style products without worrying about losing my hairs. Thank You Doctor.”

Jay shah , Model


“I was suffering from excessive body hair. I am also a patient of polycystic disease of ovaries, and because of the hormonal fluctuations my hair was so notorious. I tried two laser clinics before visiting Dr. Malay Mehta. He is young and innovative doctor. He used different energy settings to control my hair growth. I started experiencing excellent results within 3 sessions of the treatment. Now I can choose any clothes to wear without worrying about my hair.”

Deepali, business owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can always try various options but the best way to get a permanent cure for baldness would be to get a proper hair transplant in Mumbai. The clinics that provide these treatments and the professionals over there are the best.

Your Dermatologist would tell you there are several reasons for hair loss. The commonest issues, in this case, are the likes of illness, deprivation of protein, and emotional trauma, hormonal imbalances, and genetics. You may make an appointment or call us at our clinic which is located in Vile Parle East, Mumbai.

Your dermatologist would tell you that you can wash your hair every day with shampoo since most of these are mild nowadays. However, if you do anything extra afterward it may lead to hair loss. To get