Female pattern hair loss or female pattern baldness is the non-scarring progressive thinning of hair that eventually leads to a lack of hair growth and the formation of bald spots.

Contrary to popular belief, female pattern baldness affects almost 40% of all women aged over 50, making it the most common form of alopecia.

So, if you’re wondering ‘will my hair fall out?’ because you’re experiencing signs and symptoms of female pattern baldness, then worry no more. Dr Malay Mehta has honed in his experiences from specialists across the globe to develop leading female baldness treatments. Mumbai residents can contact us at their soonest convenience to discuss their options.

Female pattern baldness is a form of alopecia known as androgenetic alopecia. Similar to male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness can occur as a result of a number of hereditary and environmental factors.

Unlike male pattern baldness, this condition doesn’t necessarily affect the hairline of women in Mumbai. Instead, it manifests as slowly progressive hair thinning, mainly around the top of the scalp.


If you are unsure which treatment plan to choose from, take a look at the below female
pattern baldness before and after gallery to see just how effective our treatments are:

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24 Female

Female pattern hair loss

She was on meds plus 5 GFC we did once monthly.

female pattern baldness treatment in mumbai


Hair loss treatments in Mumbai can benefit a number of patients. However, given the nature of some of the treatments used, not everyone will be an ideal candidate. The best candidates for female pattern baldness treatment in Mumbai are:

  • Those who seek early treatment – the earlier you notice your hair loss, the quicker you can get treated and promote hair growth to your already nearly full head of hair.
  • Good overall mental and physical health – effective hair loss treatments work best in patients who are generally fit and healthy. If female pattern baldness was caused as a result of an underlying medical condition, then the side effects of the said condition may continue after treatment.
  • Patience – hair growth treatments do not work straight away, Patients need to be patient and understand that the results will gradually display over time.


The aetiology of female pattern baldness in Mumbai is rather complex and multifactorial. Numerous studies have been performed to identify the main causative factors of female pattern baldness. The main causes include:


Hormones have been thought to be a major causative factor of female pattern baldness. However, the exact role of androgens (hormones associated with hair fall) is not yet clear. Hormonal changes may occur during periods of extreme stress such as pregnancy and childbirth which can lead to the development of female pattern baldness.

If you have recently given birth or cannot grasp the cause of your hair fall issue, then contact us today to see just how our hair loss treatment in Mumbai can benefit you.

Micro inflammation

Microinflammaton can occur during baldness and result in damage to existing hair follicles. This can occur as a result of increased exposure to radiation (X-rays), chemicals (certain shampoos and dyes may have a detrimental effect on the hair), and skin infections such as ringworm.


Hair loss is most commonly passed down from parents to their children. There are multiple genes involved that you can inherit from either parent. Genetic female pattern baldness can present differently depending on the inherited genes. Patients often experience varying degrees of intensity when it comes to hair loss making it more difficult to diagnose the initial cause of the lack of hair growth.

Underlying Condition

Female pattern baldness can be caused by an underlying endocrine condition such as diabetes and high blood pressure. For treatment in Mumbai, patients are encouraged to share all aspects of their medical history to ensure accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Diagnosing female pattern baldness can sometimes be difficult. As such, clinicians with years of experience have devised three patterns of which female baldness can present:

  • Diffuse thinning of hair in the crown region. The frontal hairline is preserved and hair growth is generally lacking. This type of grading is referred to as the Ludwig Scale.
  • Thinning and widening of the central part with breach of the frontal hairline. This is described by the Olsen Scale as a ‘Christmas Tree’ pattern. This scale also takes into account the accentuation of the central line.
  • Thinning with the obvious temporal receding of the hairline. This is known as the Hamilton-Norwood scale but is most commonly used to identify stages of male pattern baldness.

Although all patterns are used today, the Ludwig Scale remains the gold standard when distinguishing the level of female pattern hair loss experienced by a patient. This scale is:

  • Grade 1: Perceptible thinning of the hairline on the crown.
  • Grade 2: Pronounced parting of the hair on the crown.
  • Grade 3: Nearly total baldness.
female baldness treatment cost mumbai
female baldness treatment in mumbai


There are multiple techniques used to treat female pattern baldness. The best treatment for you can be decided upon during your initial consultation with Dr Malay Mehta.

Hair loss treatment does not have a one-size-fits-all approach and so each patient will be treated differently according to their individual characteristics and desired outcomes.


If you have female pattern baldness you may have been able to cover up the initial stages of hair loss by adopting a new hairstyle. However, as time passes you realize you now need the expert help of Dr Mehta. So how does the treatment work?

Firstly, there are multiple treatments available for female pattern baldness ranging from topical solutions and tablets to more advanced hair transplant procedures.

  • Minoxidil – This solution is prescribed for the treatment of female baldness. To apply, you rub the solution onto your scalp twice a day. Although it is not as effective as a transplant, it can still considerably promote hair growth without the need for surgery.
  • Oral medications – The two most common oral medications used include spironolactone.  Spironolactone, however, is a heart medication that also blocks androgen production, promoting the growth of hair in women.
  • Injectable treatments – Dr Mehta may inject your scalp with a combination of beneficial vitamins that promote hair growth.
  • Transplant – In more severe cases where conservative methods have proved unsuccessful, a hair transplant may be needed.


Your initial consultation with Dr Mehta is all about finding out more about you. We will want to know what your desired goals are, details about your hair loss, your medical and family history, as well as your budget.


The procedure will then vary depending on your treatment of choice. Full detail of your procedure will be given to you by Dr Mehta should a more invasive treatment be more applicable to you.


The recovery time following these treatments varies accordingly. For oral and topical treatments, patients can expect to achieve results within 3 months. For transplants, recovery takes around 4 weeks initially for the scars to heal and results will be final at month 12.

female pattern baldness treatment mumbai


Female pattern baldness treatment in Mumbai can bring several benefits to individuals, both physiological and psychological. The best benefits of Dr Mehta’s hair growth treatments for female pattern baldness include:

  • Boost confidence – Not only will you look great once your treatment is complete, but you will be able to embrace life and tackle all those obstacles that were once in your way because of your lack of hair.
  • Cost-efficient – All of our treatments are affordable. Think of this treatment as an investment in you.
  • Long-term effects – One of the biggest benefits of hair loss treatments is the fact they are sustainable. By following the appropriate aftercare instructions, you can be sure your results will be long lasting.
  • Little downtime – Aside from a hair transplant, the majority of hair loss treatments offered by doctors near you are minimally invasive and require little to no downtime, allowing you to get back to your daily activities as soon as possible.


Female pattern baldness treatments vary in cost in Mumbai depending on the type of treatment that you will be receiving. For a comprehensive breakdown of your overall cost, we recommend you arrange a consultation with Dr Mehta.

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DrMalay Mehta truly believes in community. He wants to give back to the community that raised and nurtured him to be the renowned hair transplant surgeon he is today.

Dr Mehta holds varying degrees and honed his experiences from hair experts around the globe. Having treated hundreds of patients, Dr Mehta can confidently give you the look you desire.


If you still have any unanswered questions about female pattern baldness then turn to the section below:

If your hair is thinning over your center parting or you are noticing that your hair is falling out at a much faster rate than normal, then you may have female pattern baldness.

Yes, there are multiple effective treatments for female pattern baldness available.

Unfortunately, there is still no cure for female pattern baldness. A transplant, however, may be a permanent solution depending on your medical history.

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