first visit

During your first visit Dr Mehta will conduct a clinical examination of your scalp condition. Alternative non-surgical treatments will be considered first and then Dr Mehta will determine if the surgery is the last and most optimal option for you. Then he will examine the donor area and determine wether it can supply the necessary amount of healthy grafts for the transplant area. Once the initial examination is completed Dr Mehta will discuss with you the day of the surgery and will give you all the preparation instructions and answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.


At Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic we have greeted hundreds of patients from out of town and overseas over the years. Our staff have the experience and expertise to try and make your stay with us and your after care as convenient and comfortable as possible.

With today’s busy lifestyles most people are time poor. Because of this, we try to be flexible to allow our out of town patients two approaches to making their initial inquiries with us.

  • You can have an initial consultation with Dr. Mehta on a trip to Mumbai prior to surgery during which we can organize everything for your visit for surgery.
  • You can email us images of yourself for Dr. Mehta to review to begin your dialogue with us. In many instances, we are able to prepare patients remotely prior to arriving in Mumbai as late as the day before their surgery.

Where to Stay

We prefer to have you stay as close to the clinic as possible on the night of surgery .
Below are some great hotels we recommend:

  • Hotel Bawa International
  • Hotel Parle International
  • Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach
  • Hotel Sahara Star
  • JW Marriott

Payment Options

Beside offering the best hair transplant price in the area we also offer flexible payment plans for your convenience. The cost of the procedure can be paid in monthly installments for a duration of up to 8 months at 0% interest. Enjoy the results now, pay later!


You can always try various options but the best way to get a permanent cure for baldness would be to get a proper hair transplant in Mumbai. The clinics that provide these treatments and the professionals over there are the best.

Your Dermatologist would tell you there are several reasons for hair loss. The commonest issues, in this case, are the likes of illness, deprivation of protein, and emotional trauma, hormonal imbalances, and genetics. You may make an appointment or call us at our clinic which is located in Vile Parle East, Mumbai.

Your dermatologist would tell you that you can wash your hair every day with shampoo since most of these are mild nowadays. However, if you do anything extra afterward it may lead to hair loss. To get more tips about your hair care, you can visit our dermatologist clinic in Mumbai.

Your dermatologist can suggest a few topical medicines to control hair loss. The commonest among them are the ones that contain minoxidil. This is the sole medicine that has the approval of the FDA. To know more and consultation, please visit our clinic for hair loss treatment in Mumbai.

Any dermatologist would tell you that the best way to prevent the aging of the skin is to have a diet that is well balanced and good for your health. Retinol containing creams, vitamin C serum, hyaluronic gel are options that delay the signs of aging. However, one can go for certain cosmetic procedures for a better outcome. Do call to connect to a dermatologist in Vile Parle East.

Dermatologists would tell you that the best vitamins for making your hair thicker are Vitamin A, Vitamin D, B-vitamins, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. Vitamin A is something that all your cells need to grow. To know more visit us for the best hair treatment in Mumbai.

Wondering How Severe Is Your Hairloss

Take this quick quiz to find out if you need to worry about your hair loss.

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