Laser Treatment for Acne (Pimples)


When it comes to acne treatment in Mumbai laser treatment happens to be one of the latest processes that are being used. It is also extremely effective in these cases. This is the reason why cosmetologists and dermatologists such as Dr. Malay Mehta use it to such an extent. In these procedures, the dermatologists use laser rays to remove the skin’s outer layer and contour the areas which have acne scars. They also make red areas a lot lighter. This is for areas where the acne lesions are on their way to being healed. This is an outpatient procedure. Get the complete scar removal treatment in mumbai by best skin specialist Dr.Malay Mehta.

The benefits of laser treatment

As the best doctor for acne treatment in Mumbai would tell you laser treatment is one of the most non-invasive and advanced kinds of treatment. It is painless and your skin does not suffer any cuts during the procedure. The same goes for scars as well. There are no severe side effects in these cases and even if you were to have side effects they last only for a short time. The only procedure also takes much less time to be completed. Your recovery from laser therapy also takes a lot less time compared to other treatments. 

A few things to know about the treatment

You need to know that even if you get treated for acne by the best acne doctor in Mumbai such as Dr. Mehta your pimples or acne would not disappear into thin air. Rather they would become hard to see. When you suffer an injury, your body has a natural process of healing its wounds. You have a scab growing over the injury. This is supposed to save it from germs. Once you are healed the scab falls off. At times, the skin below the scab would have the same color as the rest of your body. 

Being the best doctor for acne treatment we primarily treat the condition with medicines, creams, face wash, chemical peel, and lasers. Depending upon the severity of acne treatment options are selected. Advanced treatments like fractional co2 laser, soft tissue fillers, and subcision can also be done in severe acne scars. Now you can take the online acne treatment by Dr.Malay Mehta in Mumbai.

Precautions to be taken following the treatment

The time to recover from acne treatment in Mumbai tends to vary from one person to another. However, it usually takes between 3 and 10 days for you to heal from such a procedure. There are some precautions that you need to take following such treatment. You should never get out in direct sunlight. You should apply a cold pack on the area that has been treated so that the swelling could be reduced. You should also apply a water-based moisturizer daily. You should also stop using makeup and cosmetic products for a few days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Adolescents are ones who mostly get affected by acne and such stuff. Over that age group, the incidence of acne decreases with increasing age. Teenagers and their parents can seek the best acne treatment in Mumbai from our clinic in Mumbai.

With proper acne treatment in Mumbai, your acne should go away in about a month. You have to give at least that much time for the treatment to heal properly. At times, it may take 6 weeks as well depending on the severity of the condition. To know more, please call us for consultation in Mumbai.

The best way to get rid of acne permanently is to go through proper acne treatment. You should always get treated by the most knowledgeable and experienced doctors of such treatment. We provide the best acne treatment in Mumbai. Do call us to know more.

Well, to cure acne you should go for clinical treatments. While many would try home remedies, they are not long-lasting. Contact us at our clinic for the best and most advanced acne treatment in Mumbai.

Yes, normal soaps that we use so much can cause acne. The acids in the soap may react and some skin type and cause acne. Do not delay and get the best acne treatment in Mumbai from our clinic in Vile Parle East.

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