Bhushan Patil
Bhushan Patil
It was a great experience to opt Dr Malay Mehta's Aesthetic Clinic for many reasons. Consultation is free and detailed. Everything about the procedure and cost is well explained by assistants followed by detailed information by Dr Malay himself. No hidden charges or surplus amount is charged. The overall process is very transparent. And the best part about Dr Malay is he makes sure that the hairline is in sync with your face. Basically he tries to keep it natural. Aesthetic sense , precision and hygiene in this procedure is a crucial part and that is what probably sets him apart from all others. Coming to the actual procedure, the clinic is clean and the staff is friendly. They make sure that procedure remains painless and you're comfortable, it's a priority for them. All your doubts are cleared at any point of time so you can be stressfree.. Dr. Malay is always available for any pre/post procedure queries. Overall my experience at Dr. Mehta's clinic was great and it was a wise decision to opt this clinic for my hair transplant procedure. I am very happy with the results. It has almost been 6 months after procedure. Hairline looks good. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mehta.
Sainath Prabhu
Sainath Prabhu
Hello Everyone. Its been more than a year I had my hair transplant done from this clinic and I must say it has been one of the best decisions of my life. The results are amazing. Initially I was skeptical as I had crown balding and most of the doctors were not very positive about crown transplant but I must confess Dr Malay handled my case very efficiently and cleared most of my doubts which others could not. He gave me the confidence to go ahead with the surgery and so fars the results have been great. All the technicians are really polite and helpful and make the surgery procedure seem like a cakewalk . I will surely recommend Dr Malay for all hair related problems as he is one of the few doctors who is really passionate and has thorough understanding of his craft.
alen ram
alen ram
Dr Mehta, Dr Chervi and there team - Implanter Prarthesh and Akshay, Helpar Vishal Mishra, the reception staff Shanjana, and the whole team, were amazing, as they knew I was travelling from aboard they ensured my medication was ordered in advance an handed to me, the staff are very welcoming, Mr Malay vision on customer services is reflected in there staff. Can’t wait to see them in 6 months, definitely bringing chocolate
Prof. Mahesh Agrawal
Prof. Mahesh Agrawal
Highly safe and hair transplant by an expert of top most rank. Far better than many many famous clinics. Reasonable and logical. ***** OUT OF FIVE IN MY EXPERIENCE!
dheeraj pardesi
dheeraj pardesi
Great Dr and his team, I have had my HT done from another Dr, and the results were not good at all, After going with the procedure with Dr Malay the results are great infact he has done a correction surgery as well, Mine was a difficult case since I had weak donner area, But Dr suggested a beard transplant as well which resulted a decent outcome, (just 7 months as of now) So guys if you have had a surgery before or have a problem Donner area and especially if all hope is lost with other Dr's, then Dr Malay Mehta is the Man for you. he is young, skilled, passionate about his job and very practical,
Dattatreya Vyas
Dattatreya Vyas
The staff is highly professional blessed with a great leader in the form of Malay sir. Everything is as it should be. Extremely caring staff. Great post treatment support from the team. Would strongly recommend this team and Doctor Malay Mehta.
Govind Raj Ayyengar
Govind Raj Ayyengar
Hi, I have visited this clinic from Melbourne to get a minor hair transplantation on my crown area. I have been talking to Mamta (admin) and Dr Malay for more an year but couldn’t travel due to the COVID restrictions. I have finally made it here and got my procedure done. The entire team is professional and been very patient throughout my journey. Team refused to take any tips. Special thanks to Dr Malay, Mamta (admin), Dr Charvi, Prathamesh, Shashank, Aditya (technicians).
Kiel D'Silva
Kiel D'Silva
Dr Metha and his staff are really amazing, initially when I went to his clinic, he sat down he with and explained to me the entire procedure and cleared any doubts that I had in my mind. After speaking with Dr Metha I decided to go ahead with the procedure, which was done very smoothly, after 8 months I am very happy with the results and also it's very comforting that Dr Metha and his staff ask me to come for follow up sessions to make sure everything is alright.
shashank shetty
shashank shetty
Dr Malay mehta … Boy!!! he is the best in his business. Almost after 6 months of sniffing around for best hair transplant surgeons in mumbai based on reviews, follow ups and other factors i shortlisted him.During my first visit he thoroughly examined my head and told what needs to be done and he is polite, calm and friendly and he brought me into confidence and i was good to go for the transplant procedure. Transplant day (2 days) - 1st day - 2800 graft of hair follicle 2nd day - 2000 graft of hair follicle. Procedure - FUE saffire. Procedure was as smooth as i had imagined. His team is amazing and big thanks to all of them to support during the procedure stages . Dr Malay was present through out the procedure and the OT is very well maintained with proper housekeeing and hygiene being too notch. Post procedure is had some queries and doubt and dr malay is spontaneous on replying to all your queries on whatsaap when needed. In short to sum it all —- I have had a fantastic experience with Dr Malay and team and result is pretty evident and would highly highly recommend Marvel clinic for hair transplant procedure. Cheers 🥂

What Is FUE?

Thinning of hair and hair loss are normal aspects of ageing, affecting both men and women. 

However, hair loss can also occur due to certain medical conditions such as alopecia, which results in male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Losing hair can not only knock off your sense of confidence but also affect your mental health. This is why Dr Malay Mehta provides the best FUE hair transplant in Mumbai, making sure that you walk away with newfound confidence.

If you are experiencing significant hair loss and wish to walk around with a heightened sense of confidence, contact Dr Mehta and his team today to find out just how we can help.

Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE for short, is one of the best hair transplant procedures currently offered globally.

During your FUE procedure, Dr Malay Mehta, one of the best FUE hair transplantation surgeons in Mumbai, would take follicles from one area of your scalp – typically the back of the scalp – and implant them onto the area in need of hair.

The FUE transplant helps thicken areas of your scalp which are thinning and can be used for other areas such as your face for beard or moustache regrowth.


dr malay mehta

FUE Hair Transplant Surgeon – MBBS, MD – Dermatology – Venereology – Leprosy

Dr Malay Mehta is a hair transplant surgeon who has honed in on his experience all around the world to devise the best FUE hair transplant techniques. His passion for hair treatments is driven by the need to lift his community, helping them feel comfortable in who they are and giving them that everlasting sense of confidence.

FUE transplant before and after images

fue hair tranplant before after

28 Male

Grade of baldness: 4 Norwood Hamilton

Type of surgery: Sapphire FUE

Type of anesthesia: Local

Pain: Minimal

Recovery time post surgery: 7 days

Expected final result: 10-12 months post surgery . This is the result after 6 months of surgery.

High density graft plantation and natural looking is the hairline is the thing for 2021. When this procedure was introduced, idea was to cover the baldness but advancement in punches, implantation method and micro forceps have pushed the envelope of better looking result!

fue hair tranplant before after

34 Male

Revision hair transplant surgery

Grade of baldness: 7 Norwood Hamilton

Type of surgery: Sapphire FUE

Type of anesthesia: Local

Pain: Minimal

Recovery time post surgery: 7 days

Expected final result: 10-12 months post surgery . This is the result after 7 months of surgery.

Challenge in this case:

1. Donor area is exhausted, that happens in almost all cases with revision surgery specially when it’s performed by untrained doctor or technician . So we have to cover the large scalp area with limited resources. In this case we have used beard grafts as well .close to 5000 grafts were implanted

2. Hairline was very unnatural, we have to create pattern where in we can camouflage the linear pattern

fue hair tranplant before after

4000 Scalp Grafts

Age of patient: 47

Previous type of surgery: FUE

Grafts implanted: Patient was informed about 4000 grafts in previous surgery

Challenge in revision surgery: Because of previous surgery, donor area is limited plus scarring of the area makes more difficult when it comes to graft harvesting (extraction)

Revision surgery grafts: 4230. We could successfully implant these many grafts.

Duration: Result is shown after 4 months of second surgery however final result is expected around 8-10 months

fue hair tranplant before after

4100 Scalp Grafts

Grafts implanted: 4100

Results: Photo shows results after 11 months.

fue hair tranplant before after

3000 Scalp Grafts

Age of patient: 28

Type of procedure: Crown hair transplant

Grafts implanted: 3000

Results: Photo shows results after 1 year.

fue hair tranplant before after

4600 Scalp Grafts

Age of patient: 45

Grafts required: 4642

Result: after one year

fue hair tranplant before after

6100 Scalp Grafts

Type of surgery: Sapphire bio FUE

Age: 30

No co morbid condition

Grafts done: Total 6130. Scalp donor 4650. Beard donor 1480.

Result: after 1 year.

fue hair tranplant before after

2600 Scalp Grafts

Grafts done: 2600

fue hair tranplant before after

Hairline Reconstruction

Challenge: It’s relatively easy to hair transplant but it’s one of the most difficult when we deliver undetectable hairline with higher density.

Result: You can see the difference in hairline created by us and their density compared to our competitors…

fue hair tranplant before after

4600 Scalp Grafts

Challenge: You can see how badly the hairline was given at the same time density was also next to nil.

Procedure: We used 4600 grafts in surgery out of which 800 grafts were fro beard and we covered his grads 6 baldness. One can look even amount of damage done during first surgery, roughly 500-600 grafts were implanted and they might have damaged more than 2500 grafts. So that loss is irreversible. Choosing a right clinic is very important.

Results: We gave uniformly high density and you can appreciate difference in 7 days

fue hair tranplant before after

4300 Scalp Grafts

Age: 28

Challenge: Grade 5 baldness. Challenge here is to give natural looking Temple area, hair in that area is thin and growing downward direction. So angle and quality of implanted hair is very important. There are many cases in which surgeries are not performed properly and those temple hair grows side way and making them look artificial. So this is more like an artistic work.

Grafts done: 4320

Result: after 8 months.

fue hair transplant

33 Male

Done FUT 3 years back

We had done FUE from scalp plus beard grafts: 5300 total grafts

Result is at 10 months

fue hair transplant

40 Male

Difficulty in this case: grade 7 plus poor donor area

So in such scenario, we always have to look for other donor area. (Beard plus scalp donor area)

Result is after 10 months post sapphire FUE

fue hair transplant

44 Male

Scalp plus beard donor area 3500 plus 1400 grafts

Total 4900 grafts were planted.

Result is seen after 8 months

Sapphire FUE

fue hair transplant

28 Male

This gentleman had done two surgeries in the past. It’s understandable that after two surgeries, his back of the head (occipital) donor area was exhausted.

In order to achieve good looking result, we have to search for another donor area; beard is second best area and generally that’s sufficient to give coverage on top of the head.

We generally use beard grafts in mid scalp and crown area because it’s thick and adds volume, it should not be used for hairline creation or and temple area as natural look is distorted.

This case is very difficult as you can see that hairline was also looking so artificial so we have to remove some grafts from the hairline as well and those coarse looking grafts were placed in mid scalp area.

Result is after 6 months.

We expect to get even fuller coverage around 12-14 months post surgery.

Anaesthesia: local

Technique: sapphire FUE

Age 43

We have tried to cover crown area and gave volume on mid scalp area. Most of the people we see have receding hairLine . We tried creating natural look for him as per his age. Result is seen after 8 months post sapphire FUE.

Age 55

  • Grafts used 5300
  • Result is seen at 7 months
  • Technique used sapphire FUE

Age 28

  • Sapphire FUE
  • 4300 grafts used
  • Result is seen at 8 months

Crown area is considered very challenging when it comes to getting good result . We have achieved this result and it may keep improving up to 12-15 months . We have achieved the natural looking hairline.

fue hair transplant before after

Age 42

Non smoker non alcoholic, Patient mid scalp and crown area was affected with more severity compared to hairline. We covered entire scalp including few strands of hair implanted on hairline.

  • Sapphire FUE
  • RESULT is seen at 10 months


There are a variety of benefits that come around from an FUE hair transplant using sapphire equipment:

  • No linear scarring
  • Less invasive than FUT or DHI
  • Improvements in confidence and self-esteem
  • Improvements in anxieties associated with how you look
  • Takes just a couple of hours!


BIO-FUE is the most advanced hair transplant method. It is mainly performed by an expert hair specialist. Various benefits include:

  • No stitching
  • No blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Faster healing
  • Minimal cutting
  • Quicker procedure
  • Uniform depth of slits
  • Proper direction of slits
  • Use of most advanced equipment

How the Sapphire FUE
Procedure Works and the Timeline

In order to achieve the maximum benefit of hair restoration, a specific number of steps must be followed. Thanks to advancements in technology, Dr Malay Mehta can perform your FUE transplant using sapphire blades and applying the innovative Bio-FUE technique.



  • Consult with Dr Malay Mehta
  • Assess your suitability for the FUE hair transplant
  • Discuss which part the hair will be grafted from
  • Discuss risks of the procedure
  • Set a date

graft extraction

  • Using specialized tools such as the sapphire blades, Dr Malay Mehta will begin your graft extraction from the donor area.
  • Using sapphire blades allows for minimal scab formation and enhanced recovery times by opening smaller micro incisions than those created by steel blades.

graft preservation

  • The grafts are preserved in a special substance
  • Each follicle is individually preserved in a sterile plasma solution
  • Grafts are refrigerated until the implantation is ready

graft implantation

  • Once the suitable number of follicles have been extracted from the donor area, Dr Mehta will begin implanting your follicles
  • Local anaesthetic is used to help reduce pain

post-op care

  • You will be given specific instructions to abide by following your procedure
  • A leaflet about side effects and what to expect will be given to you
  • When to come back for a follow-up consultation


Dr Mehta approaches the FUE hair transplant in 2 ways depending on the level of hair loss you are experiencing and your desired outcome. This can either be done using sapphire blades or by using his new and innovative minimally invasive BIO-FUE method.

The reasons as to why Dr Mehta prefers these two methods are explained below:


Not only are sapphire blades sharp, smooth, and have outstanding durability. But they also come with various antimicrobial properties which help limit your risk of infection.

Additionally, sapphire blades can be used to perform more precise incisions which are smaller than those created using steel blades.


BIO-FUE (Biotechnology-Follicular Unit Extraction) is the modern version of the traditional FUE method. BIO-FUE is otherwise known as the painless and minimally invasive (stitchless) method.

The main motive of BIO-FUE treatment is to improve hair transplant results as well as to strengthen the condition of existing hair.

The procedure of the BIO-FUE method:

In this procedure, regenerative cells from the patient’s blood are infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and to promote the growth of transected hairs. All follicular units are then put into the growth factor (protein) rich culture medium to reduce cell death and help to get better results of transplanted follicular units.

Finally, the enriched cells are injected into the transplanted area to promote faster healing, rapid hair growth of the transplanted hairs and also to improve the quality and aesthetic density of existing non-transplanted hair.

FUE vs Other Hair Transplant Surgery

The FUE hair transplant is not the only hair transplant procedure around.
In fact, there are various other transplants used widely, each of which has its own set of benefits and disadvantages.


A Follicular Unit Transplantation, otherwise known as FUT, works similarly to the FUE hair transplant. However, the main difference between the two is that during FUT, your surgeon will extract an entire strip of graft follicles and implant the follicles directly into the specified area without the use of a sterile plasma solution. FUT is an older method that leaves more scars and has a longer recovery time.


A Direct Hair Transplant is yet another alternative that uses fine instruments to extract the grafts and implant the follicles simultaneously. This procedure is less common and often timely and costly. Individual follicular grafts using FUE enhance recovery and achieve greater results.

best fue hair transplant in india

FUE Hair Transplant Results

Now that you’ve had the best FUE hair transplant Mumbai has to offer by leading cosmetic surgeon Dr Malay Mehta, you’re probably wondering when to expect results.

The results timeline for the majority of patients is as follows:

  • Discomfort and itching should be relieved by the end of the first week.
  • Transplanted hair starts falling off within 2-3 weeks. This is normal.
  • 2-3 months later you will notice a difference in your healthy follicles.
  • Month 4 you will start to observe noticeable hair growth.
  • 9 months – 12 months later, you should expect complete natural hair growth ready to be styled as you wish.​​

FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Mumbai

FUE hair transplant costs vary depending on the amounts of grafts used. At our clinic, Dr Malay Mehta promises prices starting at just 7,000 INR per 1,000 grafts per month, guaranteed to beat any quote you may have previously received! Cost can be paid in monthly instalments for a duration of up to 8 months at 0% interest.

Here at the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic, we offer competitive rates. In order to find out the price for your FUE hair transplant, we recommend you arrange a consultation with Dr Malay Mehta for a comprehensive assessment.

Why Choose Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic

Starting his career by serving his local community in Gujarat, Dr Malay Mehta’s potential was discovered and so his expertise is widely requested. His career growth allowed Dr Mehta to travel and study all around the world, learning the best and most innovative techniques.

Dr Malay Mehta holds a degree in MBBS, MD in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy. He is the clinical director of the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic and has gathered the reputation of the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai.


Below we’re going to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

Like with any other procedure, FUE hair transplants come with certain risks and side effects. These are:

  • Minimal scarring
  • Infection risk due to small incisions
  • Pain, itching for the first week

The following criteria make you a good candidate for the FUE hair transplant:

  • Good hair density
  • Short hairstyle
  • Able to lie for a few hours on your stomach
  • Have had a previously botched transplant
  • Significantly less scarring than FUT or DHI
  • Smaller surgical wounds so less recovery time
  • Strategic hair follicle redistribution
  • Quick

There are only a handful of disadvantages when it comes to FUE hair transplantation. These are:

  • The quality of the graft may be lower than using conventional micrografting methods. Therefore, it is essential you do your research when picking out a hair transplant surgeon to ensure they are adequately trained to carry out the procedure.
  • FUE hair transplantation results in a variety of micro scars – one for each hair follicle grafted. Therefore, you may notice initial scarring which is going to be covered by your new hair.

1000 grafts for FUE hair transplant, Mumbai, costs 7,000 INR per month at the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic. The cost is typically paid within 8 monthly installments resulting in a total cost of 56,000 INR.

2000 FUE grafts start from 14,000 INR per month at the Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic. The cost is typically paid within 8 monthly installments resulting in a total cost of 112,000 INR.

The FUE hair transplant is the most widely used technique to produce the best-looking natural hair growth. There are other hair transplantation procedures offered by Dr Mehta. However, the hair transplant of choice will solely depend on your personal preference as well as your individual hair characteristics.

There are several instructions that will be given to you following your FUE hair transplant in Mumbai. These will entail the following:

  • If you are in pain following your FUE hair transplant, Dr Mehta will give you a course of painkillers to put you at ease. Pain should subsidise within 2-3 days.
  • Apply sterile saline solution which will be provided to you, 2-3 times per day for the first 3 days.
  • You should refrain from strenuous exercise and heavy work for the first week.
  • Refrain from swimming for the first 10-14 days.
  • You can shower immediately after surgery. However, you must not let the water make direct contact with your graft area. Instead, try using a cup to pour water over your head.
  • Avoid using hair spray and other perfumed hair products for the first week.
  • Avoid hair dryers for the first 2 weeks.
  • Your graft sites will begin to crust shortly after your procedure. The crusts should fall off within 7-10 days, after which you can start using a comb, carefully.

Wondering How Severe Is Your Hairloss

Take this quick quiz to find out if you need to worry about your hair loss.

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