Treatments of Skin Whitening – Reality against Myths

Best skin whitening treatment for fairness in Mumbai

If you are looking for the best skin lightening, skin whitening as well as other fairness treatments then we happen to be one of the best reliable and trusted clinics that provides these treatments in Mumbai. We offer our services for both men and women. Marvel Skin and Hair Clinic, the brainchild of Dr. Malay Mehta, a renowned dermatologist, and venereologist have made it possible for all.

Go for Skin Whitening under Renowned Derma Specialist

If you have been thinking of going for fairness treatment in Mumbai and are thinking twice because of the unavailability of specialists, then drop this thought at once. Dr. Malay Mehta has been successfully performing skin lightening treatment in Mumbai for the past several years. He is, perhaps, the only dermatologist who introduced the treatment in Mumbai at the best price. 

The Fundamentals behind the Skin Coloring………

There are several myths amongst men and women surrounding the skin whitening treatment. The color of the skin entirely depends on the presence of melanin. This melanin is controlled by stress and other related factors. Glutathione controls the presence of melanin pigment that transforms the skin tone to golden to brown and black. Glutathione is a form of antioxidant that neutralizes the damage caused due to internal and external stress by recycling several antioxidants. The presence of this defines the texture of the skin- healthy, moisturized to glowing. Along with glutathione we also add a cocktail of depigmenting agents in the mixture which makes this treatment more effective and unique.

Dr. Malay Mehta has a word of suggestion to everyone who is thinking of fairness treatment in Mumbai. He believes that it should be done for the entire body rather than a part of it like only face, or neck or hand.

What’s Behind Skin Whitening?

AT Marvel Skin and Hair clinic, we believe that the advancement in the technology has helped the people thinking of going for skin whitening with some basic knowledge. The myths are being shattered giving a ray of hope going for it. The demand for it has increased leading to stiff competition amongst the clinics offering the fairness treatment in Mumbai. In addition to this, the skin whitening treatment cost in Mumbai has also come down and has been within the reach of every person willing to opt for.

We Provide Safe Fairness Treatment to all

Our clinic, Marvel Skin and Hair Clinic, believes in offering the best treatment to all. Therefore, we follow the most advanced and better techniques for the process. At our center, you would find Laser Skin Whitening treatments ,anti aging treatments and skin whitening injection in Mumbai at reasonable cost. The skin whitening injection reduces the wrinkles and fine lines on your face and gives you a radiant and vibrant skin tone as result it also acts as an anti aging treatment.We are bound to offer a faster, better and reliable treatment to every man and woman.

Contact us for the best fairness treatment in Mumbai. Call us at +91 – 8758691345or Do make an appointment on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can indeed use anti-wrinkle injections at a young age to prevent the onset of wrinkles at a future age. Crow’s feet never looks good on anyone, does it? So to get the best anti-aging treatment in Mumbai, book an appointment today!

The three major signs of aging skin are fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles. Loss of skin volume is a clear sign of aging as well. You can get the best skin whitening treatment in Mumbai from an expert in our clinic.

As far as fairness treatment is concerned you may need anywhere between 8 to 10 sessions. It all depends on several factors. This includes the dosage of treatments and the results you want from the same. Do consult our experts for the best skin whitening treatment in Mumbai.

Yes, skin-whitening treatment can be permanent. However, for that, you should get it done from the best clinic. We are one of the best clinics that provides you with permanent skin whitening treatment in Mumbai.

Yes, your fairness treatment would work if it provided you get it done from a good clinic. If you are not sure where to go for this treatment, call us!. We would help you to get the best fairness treatment in Mumbai from our experienced and expert skin doctors.

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