5 Useful Tips to Deal with The Skin Problems During This Pandemic Situation

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There is so much stress in our life right now to stay inside, stay healthy, stay financially stable, stay safe and the list continues. Stress manifests in numerous ways on our skin. And during this pandemic situation, there are chances that you are not eating properly, or you are not exercising much, or you are not getting enough sleep. All these things can increase the level of stress in your body. And as a result, your skin starts freaking out in different ways. Usually, visiting a skin specialist in Vile Parle East can be the only solution to all the skin-related issues that you face, but not now. So, you have to find ways on your own. And to help you out, this blog offers some effective tips to deal with skin issues in this situation.

  1. Get enough sleep: It is important to have at least 8 hours of sleep every day and it is also important to maintain a schedule. Inadequate sleep allows the body to release a high level of cortisol that causes inflammation in the skin that can then manifest as psoriasis or acne. In this lockdown period, most of us are not following any schedule for going to bed or for getting up. So, it is important to set an alarm for both.
  2. Exercise daily: You must have heard it that exercises help to release endorphins from your body. The reality is that exercise gives the body, skin, and mind the scope to heal with the help of positive hormones. Besides, it also helps to burn cortisone for keeping your skin clear while reducing anxiety and stress.
  3. Use exfoliators, peels, and masks with caution: When you have extra time on your hands, you must be tempted to get indulged in different types of peels, masks, and exfoliators. But stop getting carried away. Improper use of products can jack your skin. So, it is better to consult with your dermatologist in Vile Parle West before applying anything on your skin.
  4. Do not consume food with a high glycemic index: A balanced, healthy diet is always good for your skin. But at the same time, there are some food items that you must avoid keeping your skin healthy and lively. For example, you must not consume food items with a high glycemic index like rice, white bread, boxed cereals, and crackers. Instead, choose food items that are rich in antioxidants like spinach, strawberries, artichokes, raspberries, etc. to support your health.
  5. Cut down the habit of smoking and alcohol consumption: Often people reach out for alcohol or a glass of wine and smoke to de-stress or unwind. But this habit can deprive your skin of essential nutrients and vitamins, leaving it puffy and dull. Besides, this can also cause acne sometimes. Besides, the habit of smoking also takes a toll on the skin.

Additional tips:

Maintain contact with the dermatologist: Even if the clinic of your dermatologist is closed now, skin emergencies should be assessed as early as possible. So, contact immediately with your skin specialist in Vile Parle West if you find that there is some emergency that should be dealt with immediately. Most of the doctors are now offering appointments and consultations over video conferencing or call. So, if the dermatologist finds your skin issue as an emergency, then he/she will ask for an emergency visit.


During this time of anxiety and high stress, reducing stress levels is the best possible approach to prevent any stress-generated skin problem. While it is impossible to control things that are happening around us, we must focus on the aspects of our lives.

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