Malar Festoon And Smile Lines

Malar festoon is an early sign of aging in mid part of the face ( A ) . It’s developed because of weakening of the orbicularis muscle which closes the eyes along with thinning of overlying skin. One can typically appreciate the collection of fluid just below the bony margin of eye. This condition would be aggravated with allergy or poor lymphatic drainage . Even placing filler in that area can attract water and can cause aggravation of existing condition. Skin tightening devices and lasers would help in reducing the appearance of those bags ( festoons ) and strategically placed filler can camouflage the condition .

Smile line ( B ) around the mouth is also the sign of aging but theses days we have seen patients are over doing the things by pushing too much of material in the lines .

We tried to give subtle yet natural looking result with soft tissue hyaluronic gel in this condition.

Amount of Product used : 2 ml
Result : typically after 10 days
Pain: minimal as area is number with cream prior to injection
Duration of result : approximately 12-15 months

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