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Stretch Marks are more common in women than men. Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks, stripes or lines that develop on the skin. They occur when the skin is suddenly stretched. Many women are suffering from stretch marks on the stomach after the delivery of baby. Stretch marks can also occur on other body parts such as thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms and lower arms. This type of scarring occurs when the skin cannot resume normal form after a period of intense growth due to pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss or puberty. Stretch marks affect the individual’s beauty. There are various treatment options to remove stretch marks However, laser treatment is the most effective and advanced way of doing away with stretch marks. (Here I have intentionally created a new sentence and rephrased the entire material.)

Dr Malay Mehta is a skillful and experienced Dermatologist. He is an expert in the Laser treatment. Dr Malay Mehta’s Laser treatment always have better success ratio.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a modern and widely used procedure to remove stretch marks. It is a non toxic and non invasive treatment which uses light energy to repair and regenerate skin cells.

Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) is a treatment that has broken many grounds. In this process, the doctors use light beams that are highly focused by nature. They also tune it efficiently so they can control the wavelength, so they can have control over the beams. In most cases, you may need a lot of sessions to get the results that you need from such a process. These days, there is a notable affinity for such treatment among the younger generation. By the looks of it, the Indian society has also welcomed it because it provides a lot of benefits that you would never get from conventional treatments using medicines.

What are the advantages of laser treatment?

Most effective treatment

Less need of pain medication

Faster healing process

Reduce in inflammation

Improvement in the blood circulation in the treatment area

Promotion of collagen for new skin production<>

No severe or long term side effects

No surrounding tissue cutting/scarring

Safer procedure

How is laser treatment performed for removing stretch marks?

Laser stretch mark removal consists of removing striae (stretch marks) by using laser resurfacing technique. It works by removing the outer layer of skin to help restructure the overlying skin. Infrared light is beamed on to the stretch marks.

In laser treatment, stretch marks are not completely removed but it makes stretch marks smoother, softer and flatter. In this way laser treatment reducing their appearance.

Two types of lasers are used for skin resurfacing treatment: ablative and non-ablative lasers.

In Ablative lasers (CO2, Erbium YAG) treatment, stretch marks are removed by destroying the upper layer of skin. The newly generated skin tissues are smoother in texture and appearance.

Non-ablative lasers (Alexandrite) don’t destroy the upper layer of skin. Instead, they target the underlying areas of the skin’s surface to promote collagen growth from the inside out.

Treatment sessions are depending on the level of stretch marks. Generally 5-15 sessions are needed to get desired results.

The laser treatment has permanent results but follow up treatment is necessary as per the doctor’s advice.

Most Effective Wavelength for Removing Stretch Marks

You have various kinds of stretch mark removal systems nowadays. All these systems are unique. The doctors normally use the laser system depending on what area they are treating. The best options for removing stretch marks are the Erbium YAG laser and CO2 laser. Types of Laser system is mainly depending on the area of treatment. Doctor prefers CO2 laser and Erbium YAG laser for effective Stretch Marks removal.

The wavelengths that are used the most for removing stretch marks may be enumerated as below:

9400 nm

2940 nm

Precautions after Laser treatment for Stretch Marks Removal

Every patient should strictly follow precautions to get permanent and desired results. Major precautions include:

Avoiding applying makeup or any other lotion on the treatment area.

Avoiding direct exposure of sunlight.

Avoiding stretch full activities or exercises.

Taking medicines as per doctor’s advice only.

Patient can feel mild redness, swelling and irritation for few hours. Laser treatment is the risk free and side effects free treatment to remove stretch marks. This is the reason why it is such a favourite among women and men who are looking to erase stretch marks from their bodies. The total cost of treatment that you have to pay for the procedure would depend on the area that you are treating and how many sessions the doctor needs. Dr Malay Mehta has given a new appearance to many men and women by performing laser stretch marks removal treatment.

He had been in the USA to get better with his skills in cosmetic surgery. He is a complete professional and also well known for his work in the domain of laser treatment. Over the years he has risen to become one of the top names in the industry. He is also a leading consultant for companies that work in the Botox fillers and laser industry.

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