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​As the best dermatologist in Bandra, Dr. Malay Mehta can deal easily with various skin conditions such as psoriasis. Psoriasis happens to be one of the various chronic skin diseases that people can suffer from. Psoriasis is a condition that can last longer, and it is a rather complex issue as well. In such cases, cells start to build-up on your skin and this happens at a rapid rate. A common symptom of the disease is redness and inflammation in the region around the scales. It can also be called a process where your skin production happens at a quicker rate.


The Marvel and Hair Skin Clinic of Dr. Mehta is also regarded as perhaps the best hair transplant clinic in Bandra. It can be given a reference as atopic dermatitis. In this type of skin disorder, your skin becomes red, rough, itchy, inflamed, and cracked. This disease is prevalent among children and happens to last long as well. It can happen to any person of any age. At times, you also get the likes of hay fever and asthma with eczema. It is however not a contagious disorder.


As the best skin specialist doctor in Bandra West, you can trust Dr. Mehta to fully cure you if you are suffering from vitiligo. Our skin derives its color from a pigment called melanin. Vitiligo happens when the cells that produce melanin either stop working or die. In this disease white patches start to appear in different parts of your body. It can affect your hair as well as the inner areas of your mouth as well. It happens to people with all kinds of skin tones. However, it is prevalent among people who have dark skin.

Fungal infection

If you are suffering from the likes of fungal infection you need not worry as Dr. Mehta, the leading dermatologist in Bandra West can easily cure you. Fungal infection happens to be one of the commonest skin issues that people tend to suffer from. In most cases, these conditions are eminently curable. But they always itch, and this can be a major source of irritation as well. The thing with such infection is that it never caused any major issue as such. It mainly happens because your immune system is not functioning as well as it should.

Skin and warts tags

As the top skin specialist doctor in Bandra, you can be sure that Dr. Mehta would be able to solve this particular issue as well. Warts happen to be one of the commonest skin issues that people can face. It is caused by the actions of human papillomavirus. In this particular condition, you have an increasing number of bumps or small growths along your skin. They can appear at any part of your body as such. They are usually not dangerous, but they do tend to be contagious. They are ugly and therefore, they can embarrass you and affect how well you look.

Bacterial skin infection

If you are suffering from any kind of bacterial skin infection you need not worry as the best dermatologist in Bandra – Dr. Malay Mehta – is there to help you. Such skin infection also happens to be one of the commonest skins issues these days. When it comes to dealing with bacteria human skin acts as a very good barrier. However, many bacteria encounter your skin and stay there. Such a condition means that you become susceptible to bacterial infections. These infections normally start with redness or small bumps on your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of skin whitening or skin bleaching can be done by a good dermatologist.Skin whitening is done using a combination of different cosmetic substances in order to lighten the dark areas of your skin. Glutathione, Astaxanthin and other depigmenting molecules are some of the substances that come in the form of tablets and injection. Depending upon the requirement and severity of the condition, the dermatologist takes a call to decide on treatment. To know more do refer to the best skin specialist in Bandra.

As your skin doctor would tell you, you may suffer from itchy skin due to the presence of harmful substances on your skin. This is also known as contact dermatitis that can start from using a mild soap that can cause dryness. Itching can also be caused due to severe infective conditions or if the person is allergic to certain substances. It may also happen because of some underlying systemic conditions of the body. Get the right treatment at our skin clinic in Bandra.

It has been observed that the commonest skin infection that is seen in patients is cellulitis. This condition affects the deepest layers of your skin and looks like a swollen red area. However, there is nothing to worry about, as you can get the best treatment from our skin specialist in Bandra.

A good skin specialist would tell you that the commonest reason for any skin infection is bacterial growth. Apart from that you also get skin infection because of viruses, fungi, and parasites. Do get your skin infection diagnosed at our clinic by an expert Dr. Malay Mehta who is the best dermatologist in Bandra.

An expert dermatologist would tell you that the primary thing about preventing skin infection is your hand hygiene. You should keep your hands clean and avoid touching any person who has a visible skin infection. You should also refrain from picking and squeezing skin sores. Nevertheless, you need to get your infection treated immediately. Call us for the best skin doctor in Bandra.

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