• 15 October 2021
  • Dr Malay Mehta

As the deadly coronavirus sweeps across the globe, it puts everyone under terrific mental pressure. The stress is double than the normal in these unprecedented times. We pose risks of acquiring the pandemic and the chances of suffering an economic recession, which leaves a negative impact on our minds. The lockdown largely affects the working population currently at home. Many of them lost their jobs, post-lockdown. Every nation’s economy heads towards a recession with this. We experience intensified anxiety levels, and this results in the most obvious after-effect, hair fall.

The pandemic crisis is bringing the worst before us and proving more stressful than what we were expecting. Although stress is natural when these eliciting fears surround us, it is our hair that falls victim to the situation. Many people search for hair treatment in Mumbai as they lose hundreds of strands in this lockdown. Our tresses fall prey to the stress we carry every day and the hair fall inquiries increase day by day as the lockdown continues. We need to pay special attention to our hair fall issues and address them with hair care.

How stress induces hair fall? 

The cycle of hair fall occurs naturally, which takes place in four phases. In the first phase or the Anagen phase, the hair grows. The second phase is the Catagen phase during which the hair follicle and the dermal papilla separate. The third phase is the Telogen phase during which the new hair begins to grow while the old hair rests. Finally, in the Exogen phase, the shedding of old hair takes place and the new hair grows. Those suffering an alteration in this cycle experience hair fall and search for hair loss treatment in Mumbai.

Stress disturbs the natural cycle of hair growth and hair loss. Normally, we shed around 100 hair strands each day. However, if the number is more, then this means hair loss has begun. Those who suffer hormonal imbalance or from any of the diseases may experience hair fall, but if you do not suffer from any of these, then stress is the reason behind your hair fall.

How stress stops hair growth? 

Stress induces hair loss. When our body cannot handle the stress it experiences, the body produces hormones to deal with the anxiety level. Hormonal imbalance occurs when our body produces these extra hormones. This hormonal imbalance stops the growth of hair resulting in hair loss. The entire cycle alters as the old hair sheds off, but the new hair strands don’t grow. The stress we face during this pandemic crisis hampers hair growth because of increased anxiety. Hence, we end up inquiring about the best doctor for hair treatment in Mumbai.

How to prevent hair loss? 

Haircare plays a crucial role in maintaining the shedding and growth pattern of our hair. Haircare is essential to stop the hair damage and prevent hair loss related to the stress. Lowered anxiety controls hair fall to a certain extent. Perform meditation and breathing exercises to lower the anxiety levels. Drink plenty of water and eat fruits. To moisturize your hair, stay hydrated. Some yoga exercises are also beneficial in lowering anxiety levels. There is a significant decrease in hair fall when anxiety levels are low.

Regular hair care counters hair loss and so does managing your hair. A drop in the anxiety levels lowers the stress and reduces hair loss. You can take supplements like vitamin tablets for hair growth if there is some deficiency in your body. Avoid using a shampoo containing harsh chemicals when you can use a gentle one. Direct heat damages your hair. Use your hair styling products minimally. Curling irons and hot combs weaken your hair because of the heat. Finally, eat healthy so that the intake of nutrients is proper.

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